Syria Programme


The “Syria Programme” is for

• Persons of Syrian nationality and their relatives, regardless of their nationality.

• Persons of Palestinian nationality, provided they are habitual residents or have resided in Syria and received assistance from the UN Agency “UNRWA”.

The procedure begins when an Entry Permit is requested from the National Directorate of Migrations (DNM – Dirección Nacional de Migraciones) which, when granted, enables the interested party to apply for an entry visa to Argentina from any country, including the countries bordering, or affected by, the conflict.

Who can initiate the procedure?

Any person with Argentine nationality, or residing in Argentina, may act as “caller” before the DNM, and assume a commitment to provide assistance to the beneficiaries in matters of accommodation and maintenance without intent to profit.

What documentation must be submitted?

• A letter of invitation to be considered a sworn statement, assuming express commitment to provide assistance to the beneficiaries regarding accommodation and maintenance while accompanying their process of integration and self-sufficiency.

• Should the caller not have sufficient personal resources, he/she may present a letter of endorsement issued by an organization which will act as guarantor of this commitment.

• Provide proof of identity with valid ID (National Identity Document/DNI), establishing that the caller is an Argentine national or a permanent or temporary resident; provide proof of his/her real address and provide an alternative or special address.


The DNM shall supervise the documentation submitted and, if no impediments arise, the Entry Permit will be issued.

Said authorization will be communicated to the Argentine Consulate where the beneficiary will be requesting his/her entry visa by submitting:

• Valid and current travel documentation (Passport or Laissez Passer or similar, issued by international organizations, as set forth in the “Syria Programme”).

• Sworn declaration of absence of criminal record signed by the beneficiary.

• Certification of absence of criminal record from the country of origin or habitual residence provided that the concerned persons are older than sixteen (16) years old.

Should it not be possible to obtain proof of the absence of a criminal record, the documentation may be provided by other alternative means, as foreseen in the Provision.

Important information

The beneficiaries will obtain an entry visa into the country, which will enable them to enjoy a temporary residence during the term of TWO (2) years, renewable for another year. Said residence enables the procurement of a DNI as a temporary resident.

Once the THREE (3) years of residence in the country are completed, the beneficiaries can request permanent residence in accordance with Article 22 section c) of Law N° 25.871 and its Regulatory Decree.

All procedures related to the “Syria Programme” undertaken in the DNM are free and are exempt of migration tax.

Do not be cheated. The procedure is EASY and FREE. There is no need for AGENTS or INTERMEDIARIES.



All the documentation issued abroad must have:

• Intervention of the Argentine Consular authority, or

• “Apostille” if the country where it was issued has ratified The Hague Convention.

All the documentation issued in a foreign language must be accompanied by a translation into Spanish, carried out by a National Public Translator (Art. 6° Law 20.305) and legalized by the National Association of Translators (Colegio de Traductores).

The documentation to be presented must include originals and certified copies.

For queries related to the procedures and requirements corresponding to the “Syria Programme”, you can call +54 11-4317- 0303/0337 or send an email to: tramitacion.ingresos@migraciones.gov.ar.

For general queries, news or statistical information on the “Syria Programme”, visit the specific website: http://www.migraciones.gov.ar/programasiria/

Those willing to offer collaboration and support in a spirit of solidarity and not for profit, can write to: asuntos.sociales@migraciones.gov.ar indicating personal data and place of residence, so as to register the information in a database developed for this purpose.

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